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Understanding Facebook's Most Unexpected Benefits ...

By Lauren

You read so many articles and tips that tell you that Facebook is a waste of time and can even be damaging in certain aspects, so I thought, for a change, let’s look at some benefits of Facebook. If used properly, Facebook is an exceedingly useful tool for personal and business use, as these benefits of Facebook will show.

1 It Helps Your Love Life

If you air your dirty laundry in public, post revealing pictures or stalk ex partners, of course, the biggest argument against Facebook is going to apply to you. If however, you use it wisely, one of the great benefits of Facebook is that it can boost your romance. You can hook up with someone on FB or you can use it to communicate with a partner, whether in a long distance relationship or not. Want to send a romantic message? Post it on your partner’s wall!

2 Improves Your Education

You might not think that an obvious benefit of having a Facebook account is education, but studies have shown that those who are active on social networking sites are significantly more likely to stay in school. Out of the first- and second-year college students, the majority of those who returned to complete their college degree were active on Facebook.

3 Potential to Raise Your Stock Prices

Companies which have active Facebook pages are also likely to have rising stock prices, according to researchers at Pace University. They found that the more people sharing and engaging with a company’s Facebook page resulted in – sometimes substantial – stock price gains. If you have investments, get chatting about the company on Facebook!

4 Helps with the Job Search

One of the best benefits of Facebook, especially in today’s tough economic world, is that it helps people find jobs. A lot of employers report that they regularly check out potential candidates’ Facebook pages, to see if the candidate would fit into their business. Researchers claim that 5 minutes looking at a Facebook profile is more likely to result in a positive hiring experience, than if IQ scores and first impressions were solely taken into account. Of course the reverse is also true; employers can easily be swayed away from you based on your Facebook profile, so make sure that anything you don’t want potential bosses to see is set to private.

5 It Could Help with Your Self-esteem

If you want to feel good about yourself, Cornell University students claim that having a Facebook account is the way forward. Through the ability to present an image of yourself to the world that you have carefully crafted, the students found that there is a psychological benefit, especially to people suffering with low self-esteem. If you are looking for a reason to join Facebook, this might just be it.

6 Facebook Can Help You Unwind

You might think that keeping in touch with your old friends and distant family members might be anything but relaxing, but studies have shown that browsing your Facebook wall could calm you down. The study compared browsing Facebook with viewing landscapes and attempting to solve math problems, with Facebook ranking – surprisingly – third in relaxation. Those who browsed Facebook were found to be more engaged and were likely to have more relaxed muscles. So the next time you are off for a massage, consider hopping on Facebook for half an hour instead!

7 A Rise in Productivity

As much as bosses might think that Facebook is a distraction for employees, there is an argument to be made for Facebook actually increasing productivity. found that regular, short breaks from work to browse social media led to office employees working much more effectively. The groups tested who were not allowed to use the internet at all had the lowest productivity, while the group which was allowed to take Facebook breaks were 16% more effective than their peers.

There are so many Facebook lovers and haters out there. I wonder if the haters will change their minds if they knew these benefits of Facebook. Are you a lover or hater?


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