7 Awesome Social Apps for Couples ...

There are so many unbelievably cool apps for couples to use and stay connected with each other. Whether you're in different countries, states, or even across the hall from each other, these apps will keep you feeling closer than ever. I definitely suggest downloading all of them! Check out some of the awesome apps for couples and then let me know which ones are your favorites.

1. Couple

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On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

I can't believe I had no idea that this app existed until recently. It's an awesome and more intimate way to share your life and stay in touch with your favorite person. You can share video, audio, photos, and stickers and it's completely private! It even features a "ThumbKiss" - when you want to be close, touch the same spot on your phones and they'll vibrate simultaneously, and there's your kiss. How sweet is that?! You can also sketch together in real-time and make phone calls or FaceTime from inside the app. Being free, this is one of the best apps for couples!

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