7 Awesome Messaging Apps You Should Download ...

There are so many cool messaging apps you should check out! It's an awesome way to keep connected with your friends and family! A lot of these apps offer really cool things. Check out some of my favorite messaging apps - let me know which ones your favorites are!

1. Frankly Chat

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On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Price: Free
I just recently found out about this app and it's awesome! It's a whole new to chat with your friends. You can change the colors of your messages to match your mood or make your font big and loud or small and subtle. It's all about expressing how you feel! Are you ready for the coolest part? You can UN-send messages. Yeah, you read that right. No matter what you send, you can always un-send it and take it back... forever. You can also send video/audio messages! It's 100% free and totally one of the messaging apps worth checking out!

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