7 Awesome Apps for Your Decorating Needs ...

There are so many cool apps for decorating. They help you discover new DIY projects, allow you to buy/sell furniture pieces, and so much more. If you're constantly looking for ways to change up your home or if you're just looking to improve on something, these apps will come in handy! Check out some of the apps for decorating that you'll love:

1. Chairish

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On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
Price: Free

On this awesome app, you can buy and sell high quality, pre-loved home decor. The app makes it fun and easy to quickly list decor for sale and to buy great finds anytime. When you post something for sale, you can snap photos, write a quick description, pick a price, etc. This app makes it fun to shop for cool new pieces for your home! This is just one of many apps for decorating that you'll love!

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