8 Awesome 👏🏼 Apps 📱 for Women Supporting ✌🏼 Feminism ...

While most apps for women focus on beauty, fashion, and celeb gossip, there are a few that aim to take on the patriarchy and empower women everywhere. That's right: they're apps for feminists, the women (and men!) who want to slay gender stereotypes and make the world safer and more equitable. Here are a few of my fave feminist apps, ready to educate and entertain (and more).

1. Circle of 6

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Praised by ex-VP and feminist Joe Biden, this app makes safety a snap. Simply load the app with your six most trusted friends, and if you find yourself in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation, two taps in the app and your friends will get a pre-programmed text message with your location. The app also includes safety hotlines and there's even a customized version for several colleges and universities.
Price: FREE at itunes.apple.com

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