7 Awesome Apps for Free Ringtones You Should Download ...

There are so many awesome apps for free ringtones! On these, you can customize your own tones in just a matter of minutes! I'm definitely a fan of having custom tones for all my contacts, text alerts, etc. I think it's such a fun touch to have on your phone! Check out some of the cool apps for free ringtones, and let me know which ones your favorites are!

1. Ringtone Designer

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On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

Ringtone Designer is one of the best apps for free ringtones! The app allows you to create unlimited custom ringtones, alerts, and text tones, all while using songs in your phone's music library! On the app, you can adjust the length of your ringtone - it's as simple as that! The app allows you to create all of this but you need to sync your phone with iTunes to get the ringtones into the settings section of your phone! Don't worry, it's quick and easy - the app even has an instructional video!

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