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7 Apps You Need to save Money on Groceries ...

By Neecey

It’s such a shock when you go to the supermarket and every week your grocery bill is higher than previously, even though you’ve bought the exact same things. We can all do with some extra help on spending less. There are various ways, including some terrific apps to save money on groceries.

1 SnipSnap

This coupon app allows you to snip coupons from the real world. There are times when online discounts appear offline. You can take down the notes if you wish, or you can take a photo of it with this app and store it. It will even pull the text from it so you do not have to note down the discount code.

2 MySupermarket

This isn’t one of the most obvious apps to save money on groceries because it is not based around finding discounts. Instead, it asks you to write your shopping list and store it. Once you have your shopping list you can start comparing prices. It is a good app if you want to stick to a budget because it helps stop you buying impulse-buy items when you go to the store.

3 Ibotta

This app allows you to shop and get money back on your purchases. It works after the sale and helps you get money back on your purchase. It works better for bigger purchases that you can get from supermarkets. For example, it is not going to save you money on a 50c packet of dried noodles.

4 Coupon Sherpa


This app gives you a variety of coupons that you can use in shops and in restaurants. There are not hundreds of thousands, but at the moment they keep updating their coupon index, which means you can get lucky and find one or two that suits your needs. In addition, it is free, so there is no harm in checking it every now and again.

5 Favado

This app helps you save money on groceries by helping you compare different prices across different shops. If you are looking for the cheapest possible shopping experience, then you can enter your entire shopping list and do a comparison on all of them to see which store will offer you the best price on all the items combined. This may mean you pay over the odds for some items, but overall you save money. Alternatively, you could find selections of the lowest prices and then tour the stores picking up the lowest priced items as you go to each one.

6 Cellfire

This app gives you grocery coupons that are applied as you enter the checkout. You can see what you are about to save as you go through your shopping list and buy the items. It is a very easy app to use, and many people say the Android version is the best.

7 Checkout 51


This app allows you to save money on brand-name items. It allows you to save on the items you tend to see in most stores. You earn cash back by buying your items, photographing the receipt and then getting your cash back from the shopping system. It works on a weekly basis and is one of the many apps to save money on groceries after you have actually bought them.

I’m sure the readers will appreciate hearing about other great apps for saving on groceries. Please tell us of ones you like.

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