7 Apps to Jump Start Your Creativity ...

When your mojo is in a blue funk, your inspiration in the gutter, and your pen firmly stuck to the writer’s block, why not turn to some creative apps to jump start the process? There’s no law about what form your muse takes, and if today’s wondrous technology gets those creative juices a flowing, I’m all for it. There’s an amazing amount of creative apps to give your thoughts, ideas and inspirations a gentle nudge or a jolly good shove!

1. Entrainment

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On itunes at: itunes.apple.com

This is an app that is supposed to push your mind into a relaxed state. A forced state of relaxation is brought about based on the theory that people cannot see the wood for the trees, in that if they simply relax they will be able to see their problem more clearly and find the solution more easily. It is one of the many creative apps that works by relaxing you enough to help you think. It uses sounds to bring about a more relaxed state and within that state you may become more creative and find the solution to your problem.

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