7 Apps to Help You Cook ...

I am a really bad cook and I'll fully admit that, but with all of the apps to help you cook out there, cooking is super easy! If you're a horrible cook like me, I've got all of the best apps to help you cook that actually work. Whether you want to be an amazing pastry chef or you really just want to make dinner for your family, I've got all of the best apps that will help you master the kitchen in the best way possible.

1. Martha Stewart Cookies

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Of course, one of the best apps to help you cook is from Martha Stewart! This app though is incredible and it really gives you every single cookie out there. Whether you are looking for old-fashioned cookie recipes or you want something that is ever-so-beautiful and new to try, this app has it. The greatest thing? You can collect all of your favorite cookie recipes to refer back to.

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