7 Apps That'll Motivate You to Actually Start Your Spring Cleaning ...

Do you hate spring cleaning or even just the thought of it? Even if you’re good at doing your housework regularly and keeping things spick and span and organized, there are just some jobs that need doing as a one-off project rather than an ongoing task. Spring is the perfect time. The world of nature is reborn in springtime and humans follow suit by doing a jolly good clean up. Use these apps to motivate you to spring clean.


1. Washio

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This is a great app for people that live in places currently covered byt the service. You can arrange for somebody come around and clean your windows, vacuum your floors, and maybe even take care of your kids. With this app, you may call somebody around to your house to wash your clothes. They pick them up and within as few as 24 hours they will bring them back. There are even dry cleaning services too.

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