7 Apps That'll Make You Smarter ...

Incredibly, there are tons of apps that will make you smarter! Isn't that the beauty of technology nowadays? You can stimulate your mind while using a fun app! These apps will strengthen your neural networks, improve cognitive health, and prevent memory loss. Plus, they’ll give you some pretty crazy trivia knowledge to drop at your next party. Check out some of the apps that will make you smarter!

1. Lumosity

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Consider this free app your personal trainer! No, really, this app will train your memory and attention. It was designed by neuroscientists to train your mind in those specific areas. All you need to do is choose the area you want to focus on, like memory or problem solving. Lumosity then uses that info to determine what types of "training sessions" it should assign you. While you use it, the app tracks changes in your speed, memory, attention, and problem-solving scores! It'll keep you motivated to keep on using the app! It's definitely one of the best apps that will make you smarter!

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