7 Apps That'll Help You Feel More like an Adult ...

Holly Riordan

7 Apps That'll Help You Feel More  like an Adult  ...

You can't be a kid forever. That's why you need these apps, suggested by Redbook Mag, that will help you feel like an adult:

1 Waze


This is the best GPS you could ever use. It tells you when there are cops near your car, and when there are accidents up the road.

2 Mint


This app lets you keep track of your spending and create budgets you can stick to.

3 1Password


If you have a habit of forgetting which password you used for certain websites, this app will help you out.

4 Genius Scan

Genius Scan

Don't have a fax machine? This app will scan your paperwork and turn it into a PDF file for you.

5 Pocket


Instead of keeping tons of tabs open on your phone, save the pages that you want to read later to this app. Then you won't need Wifi to access them later.

6 My Chart

My Chart

Fill this app with your health info, so you don't forget anything the next time you're stuck in a doctor's office filling out paperwork.

7 Trunx


You can use this app to store all of your iPhone photos, so that your phone isn't filled.

What other apps help you feel like an adult?