4. Relax & Sleep Well Free

Price: Free

Although I was very skeptical of “sleep hypnosis” apps (as well as hypnosis in general), I tried six of them. Some I turned off because the person’s voice was too annoying or what they were saying sounded ridiculous. I was going to leave all hypnosis apps off this list entirely until I tried Relax & Sleep Well last night. This guy’s voice was incredibly soothing, he wasn’t talking about nonsense, he was only telling me how to breathe in a way that would help me relax, everything he said was calming and I was asleep before the end of the session, which is HUGE for someone who generally cannot fall asleep until well after the sun has risen. Now I’m not saying the hypnosis worked, it could just be that he was so relaxing that he lulled me to sleep. Whichever you believe, it’s worth giving it a shot, trust me!