2. Endorse

Price: Free

Endorse is an app that is very similar to the Ibotta app in that you earn a percentage of cash back by scanning in your receipts after you shop. This app lets you scan receipts from ANYWHERE, including local stores and military commissaries. If you haven’t purchased the products that are being featured that week, you can still earn points that you can donate to charities simply by uploading your receipt, so scan them in no matter what! This app also pays via PayPal. A lot of the time Ibotta and Endorse have a few of the same items listed. This week I bought Oreos which were on both apps. I saved 75¢ on Ibotta and 10% on Endorse. Endorse also does something that I LOVE. While most of the items are brand specific, several of them are not. For instance, this week if you buy ANY brand of paper towels or any brand of chips, you get 30% or 10% back, respectively.