15 Apps for Students to Stay Organized in College ...

When budgets are tight, paying for apps for students to stay organized in college might seem a little extravagant, but there can be big rewards for a few dollars. Apps to organize college life can gain you precious time and keep you on track. Here are some apps for students you should check out – some free, others not but still excellent value for money.

1. IStudiezPro

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Possibly one of the greatest apps for students to stay organized when in college is the iStudiezPro app, which allows you to keep track of every aspect of your life. Whether it’s scheduling college hours or social arrangements, this app helps you stay on top of everything. You can add in your assignments and when they are due, set a homework study schedule and even keep a contacts list of professors or your social network. The interface is extremely user-friendly, and for only $2.99 it’s a definite bargain.

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