Apps for Couples πŸ“± Who Want to Strengthen πŸ’ͺ🏼 Their Relationship πŸ’ for a Lasting Bond ⏳ ...

When you’re part of a couple, you want to feel connected – even when you can’t be together. And that connection isn’t just about being able to communicate with each other but also about the emotional connection. There are tons of apps that help you deal with all aspects of your relationship that can make your bond stronger.

1. Between

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One of the best apps for couples is definitely Between. Sometimes the rigidity of simple text messaging or Whatsapp can be boring. Between solves this problem by allowing you and your loved one create a messaging space where you can compile photos, collages, online stickers and much more all dedicated to the love you share for one another. It’s almost like an online memory box.

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