7 Amazing Apps to Help Your Marriage ...

With this being the age of technology, it only makes sense that there are apps to help your marriage. People are getting married younger and younger nowadays and it helps when you have apps to help your marriage that both of you can use – right on your phone! If you're having marital problems right now, grab your phone and take a look at some of the apps that could help save your marriage.

1. Couple

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Whether you are in a long distance marriage or you are just trying to hold together a marriage that is at the end of the rope, this is one of the top apps to help your marriage that works. It's free – and it allows you to remember all of the special moments, has real-time messaging, allows you to share videos and voice messages and even has a ThumbKiss that allows you to be slow when you are away from each other. It's a must for any and all couples to have on their phone!

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