7 Yoga Apps for All Levels of Yogis ...

It is a little bit incongruous that when you need a calm, quiet environment that means putting your tablet or smartphone to one side, there are yoga apps, and that means you need your electronic device on hand. You just have to be disciplined enough not to be bothered by any incoming messages or calls. Yoga should teach you that discipline so it really shouldn’t be an issue. And, on the other hand, yoga apps mean you have assistance in your moves when you’re on the go or can’t get to a class.

1. Office Yoga

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

With people looking to work more and more to earn more money, it is bound to have negative impacts on our health. However, with Office Yoga, you can bring your yoga class right into your office. The renowned yoga teacher Darrin Zeer provides you with an easy to use guide for yoga in this application. If yoga classes are difficult for you to get to and you want to do something while sitting on your office chair, Office Yoga is what you need! It’s one of the yoga apps that shows you really can do yoga pretty much anywhere.