19 Tips for How to Buy a Smart Phone ...


As they are still considered an investment purchase, everyone can use some tips on how to buy a smart phone, whether it is your first purchase or you’re upgrading.

Smart phone technology advances so rapidly that you want to know that the one you pick does everything you want for a decent period of time.

For the uninitiated especially, it is also a minefield.

Which generation?

Which operating system?

Which manufacturer?

Which model?

Use these tips on how to buy a smart phone and you stand a great chance of making the right choice.

1. Think Carefully about the Design

Design is the very first thing you notice with any smart phone.

But if you think you are going to receive advice on choosing a smart phone design here, think again!

The thing is, all major smart phones have nice designs, and in the vast majority of cases the design is a matter of preference.

As far as the design goes you should go with your own opinion and settle on a design that you like.

No one else can tell you otherwise, so use your judgment in this area when thinking about how to buy a smart phone that fits.

2. The Weight and Feel

There are lots of people who purchase a new smart phone without thinking about the weight, feel and usability of the phone.

Some phones are light and will go unnoticed in your pocket all day long, while others are quite heavy and noticeable.

Naturally, it is the larger smart phones and phablets that are the heaviest.

Here is some important advice on choosing a smart phone – when testing out a new phone in the shop, make sure the battery is included!

This is because the battery adds lots of weight to the phone.2

Size Isn’t Everything
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