9 Must-have Apps for Self Employed Women ...


Whether you own your own company or work as a freelancer, you know that there are certain apps that you canโ€™t live without, and itโ€™s these apps for self employed women that Iโ€™m so keen to share! Apps for organizing your work, your social life and even your accounts are at your fingertips to help make life easier, and I know there are some apps that I rely on on a daily basis. Here are my 9 must-have apps for self employed women.

1. Freshbooks


For iPhone: itunes.apple.com

For Android: play.google.com

This handy cloud accounting app makes the top of my list for two reasons. Firstly, because it makes managing your invoices and keeping on top of payments so easy, and secondly, because itโ€™s really affordable too! I had looked at other accounting apps for self employed women and decided this one offered the best value for money โ€“ I can keep track of all my clients and outstanding payments and even run reports to see my profit and loss! This is my number one must-have app.

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