5. Aveline De Grandpré - Assassin’s Creed: Liberation

Being an assassin is already badass enough, which you’ll know if you’re a fan of the franchise. Aveline being the first female assassin we can play makes her the best already. Born to a wealthy French merchant and an African slave, Aveline never truly fit in with the slaves nor the nobility, the latter mostly because of her complexion. But this never stopped her from using both personas to her advantage in order to seek freedom and justice for the oppressed. So while she was obviously extremely skilled as an assassin, she also possessed amazing acting skills that allowed her to charm the truth out of targets as a noblewoman, or sneak past others as a slave woman. Most importantly, Aveline was selfless and always recognized her privilege having lived a wealthy and free life, which only encouraged her to help those who needed it, and destroy those who would seek power and control over the rest.