3. Elena Fisher – Uncharted Series

I’m not going to argue that Nathan Drake is the major part of what makes the Uncharted series so good, but would that still be the case if he didn’t have the prefect deuteragonist to go along? Much like Ellie with Joel, Elena covers and supports Nathan whenever they’re being attacked, which you’ll know is 99% of the time if you’ve ever played these games. But her presence goes beyond just having Nate’s back. She straight up saves him from imminent death plenty of times, and is more often than not the voice of reason, especially as their relationship progresses. But as a stand-alone character, Elena is an adventurous, sometimes fearless woman who went from TV correspondent to full on investigative journalist, constantly putting herself in harm’s way for her work. And if that’s not enough to make her badass, her creator herself said she’s basically the female version of Nate, so there!