7 Fantastic Apps to Help Plan Your Next Outfit ...

There are so many cool apps to help plan your outfits. I mean, nowadays, apps can help you do just about anything - right from the comfort of your bed! Amazing, right? Picking out your next outfit is no different! With these apps, you can organize/import your entire wardrobe and then select whatever you want to wear that day. Here are some apps to help plan your outfits:

1. Cloth

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Price: Free
You can use this app as your personal outfit diary. It's built around how you already use your phone to get dressed and is the simplest way to save, share, and discover great looks. You can see what real people are wearing around the world by city, category, weather, and by just about anything else. Send your looks to friends to get feedback! You can shoot, save, and organize your favorite outfits and get inspired by your friends and the app's featured bloggers. This is just one of many awesome apps to help plan your outfits!