Apps That Every Beauty Addict Must Have ...


Why shouldnโ€™t we use all the tools in our arsenal to be more beautiful?

That arsenal, these days, includes beauty apps.

There are many apps to cover beauty issues from top to toe but Iโ€™ve picked out a few to give you an idea of whatโ€™s available.

1. Visada


Upload your most recent selfie that you took in the ladies bathroom (donโ€™t say you didnโ€™t), and the app will analyze your skin and your face to create a beauty assessment.

After it is done, it will give you suggestions for hair and makeup.

Some woman say it is great, others say it gives blanket advice to most women, and some women upload pictures of clowns to see if the app suggests a new conditioner.2

Some of the advice, such as ways to remove dark marks from under your eyes, seems legit.

2. Spruce


Have an appointment with your virtual dermatologist through your phone.

Select a certified dermatologist via the app by choosing from one of their profiles.

Ask them about your skin issues and even send photographs of your skin for a consultation.

Your virtual dermatologist can advise you on skin treatments for certain weather, to achieve a certain look, or if you are having skin issues and you want help.

Consultations are expensive, but are low cost when compared with appointments with actual dermatologists.

3. Glamsquad


As weird as it sounds, this app allows you to book hairdressers and such from your home as if you were ordering a pizza.3

It only works in LA, Miami and New York at the moment, but the idea allows hairdressers to visit your house at set times to do your hair.

Freelance hairdressers and salon workers have been doing this sort of thing for years, but now you can order it via an app without ever having to talk to anyone.

At some point, this sort of thing with beauty apps will be part-global the same way you can go to most countries and order a takeaway online.

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